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What is a Wearer Pack?

What is a manpack/wearer pack?

A  wearer pack is where we break down a complete order into individual bags/boxes for each of your employee’s. Every individual employee’s order will come with all of the allotted workwear designated to that employee. This would come complete with a sticker on the outside with their name on, stating exactly what had been ordered for each employee. Click here to find out more

Why does it benefit your business? What problems does it solve?

  • The manpack / wearer pack service saves so much time. You no longer have to dig through boxes handing out the correct workwear to each employee. All you need to do is hand out the bag/box with the employees name on it. Making the process streamlined, error free and hassle free
  • The manpack / wearer pack also saves a huge amount of resources on your behalf. It means you no longer have to hold stock on your shelves which would probably end up going to waste otherwise.
  • Another huge benefit of the manpack service is that it gives your business the trace-ability and visibility of what your employee’s have ordered and when they have ordered it, and by placing an order on our Smart Portal it takes a click of a button to be able to see exactly what your employee’s have had and when it was ordered.

To find out more about our manpack / wearer pack service view the below video. Alternatively call 0808 178 1938 or email