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Our Print and Embroidery Machinery

Here at Industrial Workwear we use state of the art technology and machinery to ensure your garments are finished to a superior standard of quality.

SWF 8 Head Dual Control Embroidery Machines

This machine is one of the most advanced machines in the SWF K series. It has Dual Function Technology which allows the machine to operate as either two separate 4 headed machines or as a single 8 head machine. They are controlled by a 10.4 inch LCD display and has the ability to embroider designs on flat hoops and caps at the same time. It also comes with the Quick Change Cap System and the SWF Automatic Oiling System making it the most feature rich machine on the market.  We use this machine for embroidering logos onto workwear, so you can be sure that your logo will always be of high quality and will look professional.

Mimaki CJV 150-175 Printer Cutters

This high spec printer provides high performance, creativity and versatility with vibrant ink types. It can print at speeds of up to 56.2 m2 per hour. The machine also comes with a sophisticated nozzle check unit which ensures quality, continuous print operation, extremely high quality print resolution. It also has a Mimaki bulk ink feed system option so we can get your print exactly right.

Roland Camm-1 Vinyl Cutters

This piece of machinery is widely regarded as the most precise and efficient cutter on the market. This is used in our factory to cut out shapes and letters from thin sheets of self-adhesive plastic. It has a redesigned cutting carriage and blade holder and allows up to 10x overlap cutting. This means you we can cut to a very high standard of quality even on dense and thick surfaces.

Adkins Single Heat Press Mimaki 

This heat press is a high quality manually operated clam action press which is suitable for nearly all operations. It features a self-adhesive silicone base pad, a fingertip adjustment pressure control, a wide opening press area which is used as a clam action and a thermal safety cut out on the heating element which shuts off all power to the heat press if the temperature exceeds 260 degrees Celsius. This heat press is also fully manufactured and tested to comply with EC safety regulations. It is also CE labelled.

Adkins Pneumatic Heat Presses

The heat press is a pneumatically operated heat press for transferring printing and material fusing. It comes supplied with a double table which allows it to deal with high volume production with low operator fatigue. This machine is very robust and is powered by a micro-processor for control of heat and dwell accuracy. This machine is used for printing garment panels and similar larger items.

If you are looking for high quality print or embroidery, do not hesitate to get in touch. One of our dedicated Account Managers will explain the process to you. Call 0808 1781938.

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